Tips & Tricks

6 Sep

Deeper Dive into Bar Charts

2023-09-06T09:53:11-07:00September 6, 2023|Tips & Tricks|

Bar charts are a valuable tool for comparing values for specific measures across various data sources such as providers, clinics, divisions, or geographic areas, all at a single point in time. They provide a clear and concise means of conveying complex data in a visually digestible format.   Accessing Bar Charts:  Navigate to the QI Panel: Access the QI Panel, where [...]

1 Aug

Deeper Dive into Line Charts

2023-08-01T10:04:54-07:00August 1, 2023|Tips & Tricks, Uncategorized|

Line Charts, also known as Run Charts, are valuable tools for visualizing data over time, especially when engaging in improvement initiatives. This graph format provides a clear view of the data before implementing any changes, enabling you to observe progress as improvements are made. Additionally, like bar charts, hovering your mouse over the Line Chart will display the raw numbers [...]

5 Jul

Deeper Dive into Distribution Charts

2023-07-05T10:52:58-07:00July 5, 2023|Tips & Tricks|

The distribution chart format presents your organization's data in comparison to all other clinics within your HDC Discover application. If your organization has established sharing relationships, commonly known as 'shares,' with other clinics, you will be able to observe how your organization compares to those specific clinics. However, if you currently do not have any active sharing relationships in place, [...]

7 Jun

Keeping your membership list current

2023-06-08T22:51:13-07:00June 7, 2023|Tips & Tricks|

In any organization, an administrator plays a crucial role in managing user accounts. It is vital for administrators to maintain an up-to-date list of current users within the organization. This involves adding new user accounts as needed and promptly removing accounts when staff members leave the organization. To add or remove a user account to an existing organization, follow the [...]

2 May

Deeper Dive into Measure Definitions

2023-05-02T14:31:50-07:00May 2, 2023|Tips & Tricks, Uncategorized|

Users can view the details of a measures to better understand the measure purpose, definition and codes used.   To get started: Select the domain under QI Panel which contains the measure of your interest. Domain, which is the term used to describe a group of measures available in the HDC Discover application. The square buttons across the top of the [...]

30 Mar

View Average Encounters via the Population Pyramid

2023-03-30T16:58:18-07:00March 30, 2023|Tips & Tricks|

Historical encounter data can inform and help providers plan for the future. One can reflect on the average encounters per patient over the past 3 years, by viewing their HDC Discover Population Pyramid.  In this view, the Population Pyramid provides a summary of demographic profile data for your practice – age and sex groupings of your patient population, as well [...]

7 Mar

Build Your Favourites

2023-03-07T10:10:57-08:00March 7, 2023|Tips & Tricks|

The ‘My Favourites’ feature in HDC Discover application allows you to select a few key measures of interest, so you can focus your attention on specific measures and access them quickly.   When you log into the application, you are immediately presented with the QI Panel, ‘My Favourites’ domain. To see your measures of interest under ‘My Favorites’ domain, proceed [...]

8 Feb

Custom Groups

2023-02-08T15:28:50-08:00February 8, 2023|Tips & Tricks|

Custom Groups  HDC Discover users can create a new data source based on a group of individual physicians or nurse practitioners or a group of clinics. This could be a group of physicians offering palliative care or maternity care or a group of clinics co-located in the same community or simply a group of colleagues who want to reflect on [...]

12 Jan

Sending and Accepting Share Requests

2023-01-17T10:38:58-08:00January 12, 2023|Tips & Tricks|

Sending Sharing Requests Sharing Requests have been developed so physicians can meet in small groups and work collaboratively on quality improvement projects. Each accepted Share Request allows you to view your colleagues aggregate data in line with yours. This adds value to small group learning sessions by enabling a group of physicians or other providers to discuss patterns of practice, [...]

30 Nov

Introduction to data source preferences

2023-01-17T10:40:04-08:00November 30, 2022|Tips & Tricks|

Introduction to  Data source preferences in HDC Discover In your HDC Discover account you can review different data levels. You can see your individual panel, clinic panel, your Division of Family practice aggregate, your Health Authority aggregate and many other options.   To select your preferred data sources please log in to your HDC Discover  account.   Click the Set Data Source [...]