As Mental Health Week approaches, it’s crucial to promote mental well-being and provide support for those in need. Our HDC Discover application offers a unique solution that intertwines technology with mental health awareness, aligning with today’s digital age, where data-driven insights are becoming increasingly vital. 

Within HDC Discover lies a powerful tool called the QI Panel. It offers a concise summary of health conditions prevalent in a panel, including many mental health conditions.  

Let’s take a closer look at how HDC Discover can assist users in understanding their mental health patient panels: 

  • Navigating to the Disease Prevalence Domain:

 Users can easily access the Disease Prevalence domain within the QI Panel, where a list of measures, derived from their EMR’s,  health condition registry or problem list is displayed. 

  • Exploring Mental Health and Substance Use Subdomain: 

Beneath the Disease Prevalence domain, the Mental Health and Substance Use subdomain is listed. This section serves as a dedicated space for measures specifically related to mental health prevalence. 

  • Diving into Specific Measures: 

Within the Mental Health and Substance Use subdomain, users can explore the varying prevalence of conditions such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

  • Unlocking Insights with Extended View: 

Upon clicking the ‘+’ icon next to a specific measure, users are presented with an extended view, showing intuitive charts to promote practice insights. 

  • Delving Deeper with Single Measure View: 

For those seeking more in-depth analysis and customization options, clicking on the measure name opens the Single Measure view. Here, users can delve deeper into the intricacies of the measure, accessing additional information, and refining insights gained from reviewing the data. To learn more, click our related article about the Single Measure View. 

In light of Mental Health Week, let us recognize the important contribution of primary care Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners in appropriately diagnosing mental health conditions. This will empower your community to understand the changing needs within your population, informing the design and development of resources to support patients’ mental well-being. Using HDC Discover measures, we can leverage our collective efforts to impact better care together.