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10 Jun

Creating Practice Awareness by Reviewing Information You Didn’t Know You Had

2024-07-19T10:28:01-07:00June 10, 2024|Bright Spots|

Dr. David Botha is, as many physicians are, busy. His practice, Park Street Clinic is in the small town of Hope, BC where there are less than 10 practicing family doctors. Clinical Services Manager, Kent Marley, who supports physicians on Vancouver Island and across many parts of BC, initially visited Dr. Botha two years ago along with a Practice Support [...]

18 Mar

FPSC Practice Supports: HDC & PSP Working Together in Fernie BC

2024-04-16T14:44:25-07:00March 18, 2024|Bright Spots|

The Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC) works on behalf of physicians to strengthen full-service family practice and patient care in BC, representing a partnership of the Doctors of BC and the Government of BC. The FPSC provides practice supports for family physicians, and these are often complementary, providing greater benefit together than on their own. The following article highlights how [...]

11 Jan

The LFP Payment Model & Preventative Medicine

2024-01-11T14:24:57-08:00January 11, 2024|Bright Spots|

"The LFP Payment Model has enabled me to practice Family Medicine…” - Dr. Lilian Shyman The Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model was developed by the BC Ministry of Health in consultation with BC Family Doctors and Doctors of BC. An alternative to the fee-for-service model, the LFP payment model is a blended model to support physicians in family practice [...]

7 Dec

Nurse Practitioner Primary Care Clinics’ Trends Validate Patient Focus

2024-07-19T13:21:06-07:00December 7, 2023|Bright Spots|

Understanding patient populations by reviewing measures and monitoring practice trends to make decisions that improve patient care and clinic functionality is inspiring. Health Care on Yates is a Nurse Practitioner led primary care clinic in Victoria, B.C. Their goal is to deliver comprehensive team based primary health care services. When Kent Marley, Health Data Coalition’s (HDC) Clinical Services Manager, visited [...]

14 Nov

Collaborative Quality Improvement Leaves Physicians Feeling Organised and Confident

2024-07-19T13:20:09-07:00November 14, 2023|Bright Spots|

Family physician and HDC Board member, Dr. Angela Jennings, first remembers hearing about Quality Improvement projects (QI), also referred to as facilitation cycles, through a Family Physician Services Committee (FPSC) panel management project back in 2018. The project challenged physicians to look at their patient panel, assess the prevalence of chronic medical conditions and be more proactive in terms of [...]

29 Sep

Breaking Down Silos Through Community Aggregates

2024-07-19T13:16:34-07:00September 29, 2023|Bright Spots, News|

The Fraser Northwest (FNW) Division of Family Practice started an in-person monthly event back in the fall of 2019, that would bring a community specialist together with their members. The “Ask the Expert” series is exactly as it reads – an opportunity for family physicians and nurse practitioners from across the province to ask a specialist their burning questions. These [...]

21 Jun

Patient Attachment in Nelson BC & Weighing What’s Best for the Community

2024-07-19T13:15:46-07:00June 21, 2023|Bright Spots, News|

A Future Where Everyone has a Family Doctor One million people in British Columbia do not have a family doctor. Everyone ideally should have a family doctor (#EveryoneDeservesAFamilyDoctor), and BC’s new Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model is a significant step forward to achieve that goal. To help guide us there, the HDC Discover platform can contextualize EMR data to [...]

31 May

Frailty in Kootenay Boundary: Promoting Patient-Centred Team-Based Care

2024-07-19T13:14:56-07:00May 31, 2023|Bright Spots, News|

As our population continues to age and life expectancy grows, it can become increasingly important to maintain the quality of life (QoL) in older patients. A patient's desire to prioritize their functional status and QoL may change the objectives and options for their care. A patient-centred Team-Based Care (TBC) strategy offers a preventative approach and ongoing management of frail patients. [...]

26 Apr

Small, Repeatable Steps Prove Big Effects on Patient Care

2024-07-19T10:59:47-07:00April 26, 2023|Bright Spots, News|

Collaborative support from the Health Data Coalition (HDC) and the Practice Support Program (PSP) to enable practice improvement When Dr. Ashraf El Karsh, a family physician in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island enrolled with the HDC, he didn’t have a lot of extra time in his day. However, he recognized the value of data in tracking his patient outcomes, so [...]