Welcome to the Health Data Coalition

A not-for-profit organization funded by the Family Practice Services Committee.

The Health Data Coalition (HDC) is a physician-led data sharing application that enables collaborative quality improvement in primary care. Currently in use by primary care physicians across British Columbia, the HDC Discover application provides secure access to aggregated clinical data while maintaining both patient and physician confidentiality.

What does HDC Discover do, and why should I join?

Learn what you can do with HDC Discover and why it matters for improving clinical practice and patient care. Watch our product demo to see HDC Discover in action.

Peace of mind when it comes to privacy.

Physicians can have peace of mind about the integrity of their data with HDC. The HDC Discover application provides access to a secure, core set of aggregate data, which preserves confidentiality. We have robust processes in place, conduct ongoing privacy and security audits and hold various security and privacy certifications. You are always in control of who sees your data.

Kickstart a facilitation cycle.

Doctors who are enrolled with HDC can receive compensation through the Practice Support Program. Tie the use of HDC Discover into your quality improvement work with 15 hours at a sessional rate through PSP.

There’s no cost to you.

Enrolment and use of HDC Discover is offered at no cost to family physicians in BC.  The Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC) funds HDC and our work.

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