As we enter another fire season, it’s crucial to prepare for the impact it will have on your patients, especially those with respiratory conditions. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) from wildfire smoke is associated with increased hospital admissions and emergency room visits for respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. Patients with COPD and Asthma are particularly vulnerable, as smoke can trigger severe exacerbations of their conditions. The elderly, who often have multiple health issues, are also at a higher risk.

The HDC Discover app is a tool to view how many patients are living with COPD or Asthma and finding the number of patients identified as Frail, helping you understand what percentage of your patient population may be impacted by fire season.

Here’s how you can locate and utilize COPD and Asthma prevalence data within HDC Discover:

  • On your QI Panel, locate and click on the Disease Prevalence domain.

  • Under the list of measures, locate the Asthma, and COPD Prevalence.

  • Extend both measures by selecting the + icon to view your patients’ data side by side.
  • If you wish to compare these measures regularly, you can favorite them by selecting the heart icon beside each measure. To learn more on how to build your favorites, click here.
  • Run a report within the EMR to generate a patient list that has a COPD or asthma medical profile on their chart. Please contact your Clinical Services Manager or for EMR reporting support.

Additionally, you can click on these two measures and analyze your patients’ data in depth on the single measure view page. This detailed analysis will help you understand the extent of these conditions in your patient population and tailor your care strategies accordingly.