The ‘My Favourites’ feature in HDC Discover application allows you to select a few key measures of interest, so you can focus your attention on specific measures and access them quickly.  

When you log into the application, you are immediately presented with the QI Panel, ‘My Favourites’ domain. To see your measures of interest under ‘My Favorites’ domain, proceed with the following steps–  

  1. Search the measures by domain, at the top of the page. 
  2. Once you have found a specific measure, click on the small heart to the left of the measure name.  
  3. Once clicked, the heart beside the measure will turn red, and the measure will be listed under your ‘My Favourites’ domain.
  4. To remove a measure from ‘My Favorites’ domain, you can click the heart again. It’s a toggle switch – one click on, one click off. 

Measures displayed on the ‘My Favourites’ page will also continue to be displayed in their original section on the QI Panel (e.g., under Disease Management or Disease Prevalence). If you look up the measure there, the heart will be red, as a flag to you that you have included it as a favourite.