2 May

Deeper Dive into Measure Definitions

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Users can view the details of a measures to better understand the measure purpose, definition and codes used.   To get started: Select the domain under QI Panel which contains the measure of your interest. Domain, which is the term used to describe a group of measures available in the HDC Discover application. The square buttons across the top of the [...]

9 Mar

Register for Our Webinar: The use of data to assist in proactive care of populations at risk – Respiratory Disease

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Want to learn more our HDC Discover application? Join our webinar to see it in action! These programs are designed to help increase understanding of the practical clinical use of the HDC Discover application. Each of our webinars focus on a different disease area or clinical problem, and can also serve as a ‘primer’ for participation in PSP practice improvement [...]

13 Dec

Health Data Coalition December Newsletter

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Dr Lawrence Yang grew up in Surrey, not far from the Whalley area where he now practices at Gateway Medical Centre. There he sees a historically underserved population of patients - ranging from refugees, to those with mental health issues and drug addictions. It’s a particularly challenging environment in which to practice. Dr Yang’s unwavering dedication to the area and [...]