HDC Discover 2.07 Release Notes

Dear Health Data Coalition community,

As our health system responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, the HDC is continuing to expand your data-sharing network to support Quality Improvement.   In sharing your data, you are contributing to a collective picture illustrates the impact of this pandemic on primary care in BC and empowers physicians to make decisions in this context.

These release notes contain supplemental information about Version 2.07 of HDC Discover.  Please don’t hesitate to contact our support email support@hdcbc.ca should you have any questions or comments about any of these changes.

What’s new?

This release introduces a re-organized PSP (Practice Support Program) QI Panel for all users. This will allow users that are engaged with PSP initiatives to easily find the measures that are most significant in supporting those efforts in one place. For a list of measures that are available for your EMR, please visit the current measures availability list.

Here is the list of measures by Sub-Domains in the PSP QI Panel:

Sub-Domain Measure
COPD COPD Prevalence
COPD and post bronchodilator spirometry at anytime
COPD and Activity Assessment in last year
COPD and Pneumococcal Vaccine
COPD and Non-smokers
Diabetes Diabetics with Last HbA1c <7.1%
Diabetics with Last HbA1c 7.1-8.0%
Diabetics with Last HbA1c 8.1-9.0%
Diabetics with Last HbA1c > 9.0%
Diabetes Screening in last 3 yrs. age > 40
Diabetes Prevalence
Diabetes and HbA1c in Past Six Months
Diabetes and BP Within 140/90 in Past Year
Diabetes and LDL in Past 5 Years
Heart Failure HF (Heart Failure) Prevalence
HF With Ejection Fraction Recorded
HF and Use of Selective Beta Blocker Medication
HF and at Least 1 Active ACE Inhibitor or ARB Long Term Medication
HF and Two Weight Measurements in Past 6 Months
HF and Weight Measured in Past Year
Hypertension Hypertension Prevalence
Hypertension Screening in Last 5 years -Ages 45-80
Patients over 21 Years Old with BP – Seen in the Last 3 Years and Active
Hypertension Prevalence
Hypertension and Last Blood Pressure Less than 140/90 in Past Year
Hypertension and Blood Pressure Documented
Mental Health Dementia – Cognitive Impairment Prevalence
Anxiety and Phobias Prevalence
Schizophrenia or Bipolar and Visit in Last Year
Primarily Psychotic Disorders Prevalence
Mood Disorders Prevalence
Major Depression and Visit in Last Year
MSK Rheumatoid Arthritis Prevalence
Osteoarthritis Prevalence
RA and at Least 1 RA Clinical Assessment in the Last 12 Months
Pain Management Chronic Pain Prevalence
Chronic Pain and at Least 1 Opioid Long-Term Medication
Palliative Care Palliative/End of Life Prevalence
Panel Management Patients with No Date of Birth
Patients with Invalid Date of Birth
Patients Missing Gender
Patient Identifiers Complete – Seen in the Last 3 Years & Active
Patient Contact Information Present – Seen in the Last 3 Years and Active


Bug Fixes

Line Chart Report Legend now correctly updates when Data Sources changed

  • An issue was resolved to ensure that the Legend of Data Sources updates correctly when editing a Line Chart Report.

Population Pyramid – Overlapping Axis Labels

  • A display issue causing the Population Pyramid axis labels to overlap has been resolved.

Diabetes with HGBA1C: Graph doesn’t update when toggling between A1C ranges

  • An issue was resolved to ensure the line chart now automatically refreshes when toggling between the available A1C ranges.