HDC Discover 2.06 has been released.

These release notes contain supplemental information about Version 2.06 of HDC Discover. Please don’t hesitate to contact our support email support@hdcbc.ca should you have any questions or comments about any of these changes.

What’s new?

This release introduces support for the Telus Med Access EMR.

For Med Access users

In addition to the full features of “Population Pyramid” including “Patients Count”, “Contact Count” and “Average Contact Count” by genders and age ranges, we also introduced 8 measures to the Med Access community. Here is the list of measures by domains:

Measure Domain
COPD Prevalence Disease Prevalence
Hypertension Prevalence Disease Prevalence
Obesity in Adults by Health Concern Prevention
Mood Disorders Prevalence Disease Prevalence
Proportion of All Active Patients Who Have Been Seen in Last 3 Years Documentation Management
Diabetes Prevalence Disease Prevalence
Patients with Coded Health Conditions – Seen in Last 3 Years & Active Documentation Management
Hypertension Screening in Last 5 years- Ages 45-80 Screening

For MOIS and OSCAR users

We introduced one new screening measure to MOIS and OSCAR communities.

Measure Domain
Hypertension Screening in Last 5 years- Ages 45-80 Screening