What’s new?

Significant features:

  • OSCAR, Intrahealth and Telus clinics will now have a default subscription to the “HDC Base” channel. This channel contains the base set of indicators approved by the HDC’s Clinical Data Stewardship Committee.
  • MOIS clinics will now have a default subscription to the “AMCARE” channel. This channel contains the set of indicators from the legacy AMCARE application. MOIS clinics will be migrated to the HDC Base Channel as more indicators are developed within the HDC application.
  • When registering as new users, clinic administrators can now select their Division of Family Practice membership. This allows the clinic’s aggregate data to be included in reports, and allows users to compare their data to the other clinic members within their Division. In order to maintain clinic and provider confidentiality, the Division group data will not be available for reporting until at least five (5) clinics are part of the Division group.
  • The new contributor type “Nurse Practitioner” (NP) has been added. This allows NPs to enter their personal CRNBC ID and participate as data contributors to the HDC.
  • Significant updates have been made to the user Help File. For easy access a link to this file can be found in the top right corner of the application.
  • Email templates have been updated to include more pertinent information for end users. The HDC logo has also been added, making it easier to see that the email originated from the HDC.
  • New fields have been added to record the clinic’s privacy, maintenance and data contacts. By default, these roles are filled by the clinic lead who first registers the clinic. Alternate clinic users can be delegated. Please visit the “Settings” page to update your preferences.

Minor features:

  • HDC is now tracking user stats through Google Analytics to better inform user activity.
  • A “Contributor Type” field for each clinic member has been added to the clinic settings page to provide more information on the type of role the user has with the clinic.
  • A new “Clinic Size” field has been added to the registration form. This field is for an estimate of the clinic’s patient panel size and assists HDC to gauge hardware requirements for new clinics.
  • Updated Health Authority names have been added for clarity, e.g., “Northern” is now “Northern Health”.
  • Updated system packages have also been added.

Resolved Issues/Bugs

  • None in this release.


Click here to view the full Help File for HDC Version 1.4