The Health Data Coalition receives $1.623 million in funding from the General Practice Services Committee, to expand its technical platform.

The Health Data Coalition (HDC) today announced a three-year commitment from the General Practices Services Committee (GPSC) to invest in the future of data-informed healthcare.

HDC is a physician-led data sharing platform that enables collaborative quality improvement in primary care. Currently in use by primary care physicians across British Columbia, HDC provides secure access to aggregated clinical data while maintaining both patient and physician confidentiality.

With the ability to easily query approximately 200 clinical measures, primary healthcare providers enrolled in the HDC can see how their data compares to that of their colleagues, in their clinic, Division, and across the province.

Currently, this comparison is possible across three electronic medical record (EMR) products used by primary care physicians, MOIS, Osler and OSCAR. The new funding will enable expansion of the platform to include physicians who use other products from TELUS (Wolf, MedAccess) and Intrahealth (Profile). HDC’s Executive Director, Kate Fagan Taylor, advises that “This funding will expand potential access to 95% of the primary care physicians in BC by 2019.”

This investment will have a positive impact both for patients and for physicians. “As physicians, self-reflection changes the way we interact with patients. It informs our practice improvement, resulting in better patient outcomes and greater physician satisfaction,” says Dr. Anthon Meyer, Chair of the HDC Board of Directors and a practicing family physician in Fort St. John.

Built on a foundation of strategic partnerships, HDC is working to support collective impact for improved health system sustainability. HDC’s clinical data is already informing system initiatives, including the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine Continuing Professional Development program, as well as practice improvement coaching.

Established in April 2016 through a merger of AMCARE and the Physician’s Data Collaborative, the HDC is an independent, federally registered, not-for-profit organization funded by the General Practice Services Committee. Learn more about HDC at


For more information please contact:
Kate Fagan Taylor, Executive Director
Health Data Coalition