The HDC is pleased to announce several changes to our physician-led grassroots organization, that will continue to strengthen the organization’s succession plan. 

First, we would like to acknowledge and recognize Dr. Bill Clifford for his dedication, vision, and immense contribution in shaping the HDC. Bill is recognized as a leader in harnessing the power of IT to ensure patients receive coordinated, quality care. He is retiring from his HDC Medical Director role and has been gently persuaded to contribute, as needed in an advisory capacity, to HDC. We wish him well as he enjoys more time with his family.  

Dr. Cole Stanley will succeed Bill as incoming Medical Director, transitioning from his Board Vice-Chair role. While his humour and energy will be missed at the Board level, the Operations team will benefit greatly from Cole’s leadership and passion for quality improvement. Cole will join his Co-Medical Director colleague, Dr. Oona Hayes, while also taking the co-chair lead of the Clinical Data Stewardship Committee (CDSC). 

Current Board Director, Dr. Omesh Syal, will be stepping into the Interim Vice-Chair role. Omesh has led the CDSC since the fall of 2021 and has demonstrated his commitment to continuous improvement at his practice, community, and committee levels. I look forward to working more closely with Omesh on matters pertaining to the Board.  

Finally, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Lawrence Yang to the HDC Board.  Lawrence is a remarkable advocate for Provincial QI and has also been a strong champion of the HDC where he was able to demonstrate the power and utility of HDC Discover in his practice. Please view this video to see how HDC Discover can empower physicians. Lawrence has agreed to co-chair the CDSC with Dr. Cole Stanley.  

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the board, operations team, partners, and physician colleagues who continue to support our organization and use HDC Discover to improve patient care. As a founding member, I am overjoyed by the growth and maturation of the organization and the ongoing refinement of the HDC Discover application. We are excited to share our 2021/22 results at our Annual General Meeting in September. Looking forward to connecting with all of you then. 


Dr. Shirley Sze, HDC Board Chair