It’s exciting to see data parties becoming popular throughout the province. We’re happy to be able to share two recent stories of successful Data Parties hosted in Chilliwack and the Fraser-Northwest.


Chilliwack Division and their members came together mid March, also with strong support from the local PSP coach and Division leadership. This event brought a core group of quality improvement enthusiasts together for an exploration of their community primary care data, comparing and contrasting local aggregate data to aggregate data from neighbouring communities. There was consensus from the group that this was a worthwhile event that should be held at least twice per year, as it provides physicians with collegial support, and gives them a data powered voice when speaking with their Division about their community’s needs.


On April 29th, a group of colleagues in the Fraser Northwest Division gathered virtually to share and compare antibiotic prescription patterns. A lively discussion ensued as a physician dedicated to antibiotic stewardship discovered they were prescribing more antibiotics than their peers. The group realized several reasons for the difference, including the physician’s practice composition and attendant health needs. As a result of these discoveries, the facilitator was able to showcase resources (e.g. Bugs and Drugs; pathways patient handouts, such as the risks of fluoroquinolones) that help physicians provide evidence-based, patient-centred care.

Host your own Data Party

Data parties have been an opportunity for physicians to exchange best practice and reflect on their HDC data in a trusted, community environment. These sessions are valuable opportunities to network, share insights and connect with colleagues.

To plan your data party please contact Cathy McGuinness, our Learning Programs Manager at