What’s new?

Big features:

  • Added thirteen new Medication Use indicators to the HDC Base subscription channel
  • Added twenty-one new Antibiotic Use indicators to the HDC Base subscription channel
  • Added the ability to manually create upload data within the application. For users that can’t generate an automated extract from their EMR yet, there is now an option to manually submit indicator information and compare to your peers.
  • Changed the population pyramid to a dual chart so that users can compare two data sources and see the overlaid differences as raw numbers or as a percentage (to allow better comparisons between two sources that have a large difference in size)
  • Merged several disease prevalence indicators between Amcare and HDC Base. This means that users subscribed to either the Amcare or HDC Base channels, can now compare their disease prevalences (e.g., diabetes prevalence) with members subscribed to both the Amcare and HDC Base channels.

Little features:

  • Modified the QI Panel and distribution chart to show data for a clinic even if they haven’t uploaded data in the most recent period yet. Clinics have a grace period of nine months before the QI Panel won’t show their data anymore.
  • Added the unique clinic identifier to the clinic settings page
  • Increased the QI Panel trend chart to show data over five years instead of just three
  • Added a favicon (small image in your browser tab)
  • Added a confirmation prompt before allowing a user to delete an upload
  • Changed the QI Panel indicator data bars to have a more relevant maximum value. This means that if a user only views the disease prevalence domain, every indicator won’t have just a tiny, short bar.

Resolved Issues/Bugs

  • New members that were invited to multiple clinics before their account was activated will no longer get an error message
  • When a user tries to enter a username that already exists in the system or is less than four characters, a helpful error message is displayed
  • Removed the “Contact Us” page due to limited functionality
  • Sorted the data and removed empty rows from the report screen’s data tab
  • Cleaned up some incorrect labels throughout the application
  • Added additional application logging for support staff to better support the users