What’s new?

Big features:

  • Implemented “Save to all clinics” for a user’s data source preferences on the QI Panel. This is helpful for coaches or physicians who are part of multiple clinics who want to run reports using the same data source parameters for each clinic.
  • Implemented persistent clinics so that a page refresh doesn’t change the clinic back to the default clinic for those users’ accounts that are affiliated with multiple clinics
  • Enhanced the subscription management page to make it easier to see the subscription status for the individual user’s account and for the clinic.
  • Enforced a business rule that at least three data sources must be selected in order to view indicators on the QI panel. The application will display an error advising the user to select additional indicators, if fewer than three are selected.

Little features:

  • On the “Disease Management” domain of indicators, changed the “Chronic Heart Failure” subdomain label to “Heart Failure”.
  • Updated system packages in order to apply the latest security updates.
  • Implemented login auditing.

Resolved Issues/Bugs:

  • Enhanced clinic-level subscription management to remove clinic from calculations or parameter lists once the clinic unsubscribes from the channel.
  • Addressed colour coding inconsistencies between QI Panel legend for columns of data sources, the horizontal bars and expanded view tables.