By Dr. Oona Hayes

My resolution, as one of the medical directors of the Health Data Coalition, is to connect with colleagues who are using and contributing their practice data to HDC Discover. What are the issues in your practices? What is working well and what is challenging?  

This year brings hope in the choice of a new payment model for family physicians. There is acknowledgement of the significant administrative tasks that come with patient attachment in primary care. The Family Practice Services Committee continues to work to support full-service family practice. There is government commitment to promoting team-based care in primary care, with multiple organizations collaborating to support this vision.  

HDC Discover’s aggregated data brings insights that can inform many levels of care delivery and planning, from individual clinics to primary care networks and health authorities. The beauty of our tool is that it’s not prescriptive, it encourages curiosity rather than compliance. I’m hopeful that the evolving primary care supports will enable interested physicians and organizations to use HDC Discover to support health service decision-making and delivery in their communities.  

I remain hopeful that we can all focus some of our efforts on what matters and rekindle the joy in our roles. On behalf of the team at HDC, I wish you all the best for the year to come.