What’s New? 

CHSA and postal code lookups 

  • A new field has been introduced under the Organization settings page called Community Health Service Area (CHSA). CHSAs are a defined geographical area underneath Local Health Authority (LHA) in geographical hierarchy. 
  • This field will replace Community as the basis for mapping to Local Health Authority (LHA), Health Service Delivery Area (HSDA), Health Authority (HA), and Province.  
  • The Postal Code List for the CHSA lookups has been updated with the latest release provided by BC Stats.  
  • The Local Health Authority (LHA) records have been updated with new names, descriptions, and unique area codes along with duplicates being removed and missing LHAs being added. 
  • The Community field has been renamed to City under the Organization settings page. This field will be used to collect the city associated with the postal address.  

Performance Improvements: 

  • Continued work on performance improvements has increased the performance of different features such as the report run, population pyramid, heatmap and distribution charts. 

Other updates 

  • The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) field has undergone the following updates:  
  • OSCAR 12 and OSCAR 15 EMR drop down choices have been replaced with a single selection of OSCAR. 
  • Myle and Telus CHR EMRs have been added to the list of EMR’s available at registration, however they are not supported at this time.  We still encourage users of this EMR to register and view the aggregate data available from their peers.  
  • The Medical Services Plan (MSP) field has been updated to accept alphanumeric entry for its first character. 
  • Powell River Division has been changed to qathet and the name of the organization has been updated to qathet Division of Family Practice.