Version 3.0.0 of HDC Discover was rolled out to production on June 24th, 2024.  Please do not hesitate to contact our support email should you have any questions or comments about any of these changes.

  • What’s New? 

We’re excited to introduce some fantastic new features to make your experience smoother and more intuitive: 

Help Button: Get access to support with our new Life Ring button. If you have a question or need assistance, help is just a click away. Plus, our new searchable help system replaces the legacy pdf Help File, making it easy to find the information you need quickly. Just type in your topic, and we’ll provide all the related articles and videos to help you understand and use HDC Discover more effectively. 

Feature Tours: Check out our guided tours for new features and release updates. These tours are designed to help you quickly learn and make the most of the latest additions. 


  •     Improvements 

New Way to Login:

We recognize that remembering usernames can be challenging. To simplify your login experience, you can now access your HDC Discover account using either the username, or the email address provided during registration. This enhancement aims to make logging in more convenient and efficient. 

Main Navigation:

The top main navigation bar now dynamically adjusts to the user’s role upon login, displaying all available options directly on the main navigation bar. This improvement eliminates the need for a side navigation bar, thereby freeing up more screen space for the application’s content and providing a cleaner, more efficient user interface. 

Data Sources:

To increase visibility, the new and improved data sources has been moved to the main navigation pane. No more trying to find the gear icon to update your data source preferences. 

The following updates have been made to the data source preference to improve user usability:

  • Redesigned Data Sources Pop-up Modal  

To address the laggy and confusing experience caused by excessive categories and columns, we’ve simplified the pop-up modal into a single tab. This creates a more simplified and user-friendly data source search experienceby accommodating all available options and sub-options in a single tab.


  • Customizable Data Source Order

For better prioritization and management of preferred data sources, users can now rearrange the order of data sources according to their preferences. This feature ensures a more personalized experience and eliminates the limitations of the alphabetical ordering system.  See an example of the improved ordering capability below:



  • Maximum Selection Limit 

To provide clarity on the number of selectable data sources, we’ve implemented a clear validation that prevents users from selecting more than six data sources. An error message will guide users if they attempt to exceed this limit. 


Single Measure View:

As part of enhancing the newly built Single Measure View Page, here are the following updates: 

  • Export Feature:
  • To enhance user experience, we’ve expanded the export options for the Single Measure View page. The previous export feature lacked customization, so we have introduced a more user-friendly and versatile export functionality. 
  • Now, when users click the export button, they can choose from different charts available. Also, they can view the associated measure metadata information or codes, or both. 

  • Data Source Visibility:

Users can now select whether to display data sources in an export. If a user chooses to show data sources, a disclaimer will pop up, warning them that their data source names will be visible in the exported file.

  • References Tab:

As part of enhancing theSingle Measure Viewpage, we’ve introduced a newReferences tab. This tab may contain various information associated with the measure, including: 

  • Links to BC Guidelines related to that measure. 
  • Related images and tables (if needed).
  • Related Measures Tab:

We want users to discover more measures related to the one they’ve selected, therefore, we’ve added theRelated Measures tab, which includes a selection of related measures.

Note: If you don’t see the References or Related Measures tab on a particular measure, it’s currently underway. Feel free to contact HDC support for more information. 

  • New “Back” Button:
  • As a user navigating between theQI Panelpage and theSingle Measure Viewpage, we have introduced an easy and intuitive way to return to theQI Panelpage. 
  • The newBack buttonprovides a clear and straightforward way for users to seamlessly navigate between these pages. 

Clinic Dropdown feature:

To improve the search experience for HDC Users enrolled in multiple clinics, we have introduced a search bar within a dropdown list. This new feature offers real-time updates as the user types, case-insensitive search, and partial matching of clinic names. Additionally, when the search bar is cleared, all clinics are displayed in alphabetical order.