Version 2.31 was rolled out to production on August 8th. Please do not hesitate to contact our support email should you have any questions or comments about any of these changes.


  • Med Access EMR

When you log in to the Discover application and find your EMR type listed as ‘Med Access – Legacy,’ it indicates that we are currently awaiting the reloading of your data using an improved data feed from Telus. During this time, all supported measures will continue to display data as usual. Once your data is successfully reloaded, your EMR type will be updated to EMR type ‘Med Access, and you will have access to several new measures and improved data quality. 


  • Population Pyramid Improvement 

The population pyramid has been updated to enhance the accuracy of data aggregations. As part of this improvement, the data source name is no longer used for aggregations. This enhancement ensures that the division “Vancouver” and the HSDA of “Vancouver” are no longer grouped together, eliminating any potential double counts in reporting. These changes significantly improve the reliability and precision of the reported data.  Also, the population pyramid performance has been improved, resulting in faster loading times, and eliminating timeout errors. 

  • Measure Improvement

The HIV screening measure has been updated to show the following order of options for any account in the Discover application:

  • UI Improvements

The client and server-side validation for all email fields within the Discover app has been updated to ensure appropriate error messages are displayed when necessary. 

When removing a member from an organization, a success notification will now be displayed regardless of their status.