Identifying At Risk Populations During COVID-19

Currently, there are measures within HDC Discover that are available to help you assess your at-risk populations in both your clinic and community, as well as age demographics such as your practice’s elderly population.

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As you look at your data within HDC Discover, if a consultation with one of our Medical Directors would be helpful, they are available to discuss how these views of data might provide insights to inform your own decisions. Please contact us at and we will connect you with the support you need.

HDC is approaching COVID-19 as an important case study to help us learn how we can best support physicians during crisis. Our Measurement Working Group is currently discussing how we can provide more data that will be useful in times like these. If you’d like to share any suggestions, email

As this pandemic evolves, you will be able to view how the disease management, prevention and screening measures have been affected by the new practice realities. For a full list of current measures, click here.

As more physicians enrol and we develop a full provincial view of primary care across BC, HDC Discover could help inform provincial responses in future.

We know that your focus right now is on your patients, and managing the impact of this pandemic on your practice. Thank you for your dedication to your communities and to your patients.

COVID-19 Resources for Physicians

Our partner organizations have been working hard to provide physicians with resources and supports. Here are some useful links:

Doctors of BC – Coronavirus Updates for Members

BC Family Doctors – COVID-19 Resources for Doctors