The Health Data Coalition would like to acknowledge Dr. Dan Horvat, in recognition of his enduring dedication and commitment as a founding HDC Board Director. Dan served the HDC board for the past six years, as well as serving on our Governance and External Advisory committees.  His friendly nature and vision towards learning health systems will have lasting impact on the HDC culture. Thank you, Dan. 

We would also like to extend our appreciation to Dr. Tim Troughton who served for two years on our Board and the Governance committee, where his continued advocacy for the vision of HDC is embedded in our strategic plans.  

The HDC would like to warmly welcome our acclaimed Board Directors at our annual general meeting on September 22nd, 2022. We would like to extend our thanks to our Division of Family Practice proxies who voted in support for the following board members: 

Physician Board Directors: 

  • Dr. Herbert Chang 
  • Dr. Angela Jennings 
  • Dr. Omesh Syal 
  • Dr. Richard Welsh 
  • Dr. Lawrence Yang 
  • Dr. Robert Schertzer (Specialist) 

Public Board Director 

  • Mr. Dan Palfrey 

I am confident that the board composition will contribute to effective board governance. In my final year as HDC’s board chair, I look forward to serving our physician profession by supporting data informed healthcare, using community EMR data. 

For a full list of the HDC Board of Directors, please visit our website for more details. 


Dr. Shirley Sze 

HDC, Board Chair