The HDC Board is thrilled that over the summer, we’ve surpassed the milestone of 1,000 physicians enrolled and since then, growth has continued. The Board would like to recognize the huge effort put into achieving this milestone and thank both HDC staff and our partners for their support.

Our mission has always been to provide trusted and meaningful access to health information in order to support new knowledge, improvement of patient outcomes, and the sustainability of healthcare. We are optimistic HDC Discover is becoming a valuable tool for quality improvement embedded in every physician’s practice in BC.

Reaching this milestone is a good indication that physicians support the work of the Heath Data Coalition and appreciate the support to their practice that HDC Discover can offer. These physicians appreciate the access to a secure, core set of anonymized aggregate data that maintains both patient and physician confidentiality. The large number of physicians participating in HDC Discover represents a strong reliable data set to gain perspective from and ultimately help support physicians in improving patient outcomes.

“This milestone is a good demonstration that physicians trust our governance structure and the way we value privacy. HDC is physician governed, which assures physician users. As we continue to grow, we continue to gain more insights from the data, which helps facilitate further quality improvement across practices around the province.”
-Dr Cole Stanley, MD, CCFP, HDC Board of Directors, Vice-Chair

“I am excited to share that this summer, the Health Data Coalition achieved a significant milestone of 1000 physicians enrolled in HDC Discover. Further support by the GPSC for physicians who have completed panel management to enroll in HDC was announced recently as well,  which will foster continued use of the HDC data network and enhance the ability of physicians in BC to make data informed decisions for their patients, their practices, and the communities they serve.Recently HDC enabled access for the Divisions of Family Practice to their community aggregated data. This means the large and rapidly growing data contribution by BC physicians can now help to inform divisional resource planning and team-based care initiatives to support family practice. This truly represents a culmination of years of collaboration between physicians and our partners.”
-Dr. Shirley Sze, HDC Board Of Directors, Chair