Developing a full provincial view of primary care across BC and providing the tools to inform provincial health responses in future

Vancouver, BC – The Health Data Coalition (HDC) is pleased to announce the expansion of HDC Discover, an intuitive data-sharing application that allows family doctors to compare electronic medical record data from their clinic to provincial averages. Doctors can then share that information with their colleagues and work together to improve their practices in order to improve patient care and inform strategic decision-making.

“As more physicians enroll, Health Data Coalition will be able to generate a more robust picture of population health that will help physicians to identify and develop ways to improve patient care,” said Dr. Kathleen Ross, President of Doctors of BC. 

In the first partnership of its kind in BC, the physician-governed not for profit has worked closely with government and led the negotiation with technology companies to provide access to information that will change the way health care is delivered in the province. The application was created to provide a community view of primary care data across BC which had been unavailable until now. 

“Better data helps inform better care and better patient outcomes. We are excited to be launching the tool that puts data in the hands of family doctors and their teams,” said Dr. Shirley Sze, Chair of the HDC Board of Directors.

“This tool creates the opportunity for family doctors to use data to learn about their individual and collective workloads, complexity of diseases and begin to build strategies,” said Sze.

HDC signed an adaptor development agreement with Intrahealth and Telus in 2018 to expand the original application which previously only allowed sharing by Medical Office Information System (MOIS) and Oscar users. This month, the Intrahealth adaptor went live and WELL Health signed an agreement to ensure continuity for OSCAR EMR users.  Now that all adaptors are complete, the majority of primary care physicians across the province can access HDC Discover. The application was recently certified by the Privacy By Design framework. HDC was the first not-for-profit to achieve this certification. 

In his North Surrey practice, Dr. Lawrence Yang was able to use the application to compare his opioid prescribing rates to the province-wide statistics. 

“I was really curious as to how my opioid prescribing rates compared to the provincial average. With HDC Discover, I was able to see that my prescribing was actually higher than the average and what that allowed me to do was to step back and reflect and ask if I’m really doing what’s evidence-based,” said Yang. 

“The HDC Discover application will drive quality improvements in primary care by providing a province-wide view of primary care data. We are pleased to support HDC in this important initiative to drive improvements in health outcomes for Canadians and enable better decision-making through information,” said Vice President of TELUS Health Products and Strategy, Sanjay Cherian.  

“Completing the HDC adaptor represents a great milestone for Intrahealth Canada and Profile EMR users across BC. Our customers are now able to participate in this important provincial initiative. Participation benefits all stakeholders; from enabling providers who will have better access to information, to patients who will benefit with better health outcomes,” said Vice President of Practice Systems at Intrahealth Global Operations Silvio Labriola. 

This project is supported and funded by the General Practice Services Committee, a partnership of Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health.



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