The Health Data Coalition (HDC) is inviting Division of Family Practice to name your physician representative to the membership of the HDC, a federally incorporated not-for-profit society. Thanks to sponsorship by the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC), divisional membership and use of the HDC application are offered to you at no cost.

Between 2011 and 2014, twenty-five Divisions invested a portion of their infrastructure budget in the Physicians Data Collaborative (PDC), a data-sharing resource to support quality improvement activities. In April 2016, the PDC merged with AMCARE, a similar initiative in northern BC, to establish the HDC, a trusted, provincial solution that supports networks of physicians’ collaborative use of clinical data for quality improvement.

With approximately 250 registered physicians across 15 Divisions, your members are the current and future contributors to HDC. Intrahealth and TELUS EMR adaptor expansion will further enable 95% of BC’s family physicians to contribute and compare HDC data by fall 2018. HDC data is already being used in coaching, mentoring and CPD modules. To find out how HDC data can inform Divisional quality improvement initiatives contact Cathy McGuinness, Program Manager.