The global pandemic has overtaken coverage in the media and the attention of our healthcare system, yet the opioid crisis in BC is killing more people every month than COVID-19 has. According to a recent CBC article, there were more than 100 “illicit drug toxicity” deaths in BC every month from March – August 2020, with more than 175 such deaths in May, June, and July.

The loss of jobs due to COVID-19, lockdowns, and restrictions have only exasperated mental health issues and fractured open pre-existing health vulnerabilities of people who use substances, putting them at further risk during incredibly challenging times.

The need to identify vulnerable people who have higher risk of illness and death has never been greater. Having the tools to help us understand the scale of this problem in our own practices has never been more important. Knowing where the problems are and bringing our patients at risk to our attention for action is key.

HDC Discover has a number of measures that may help you better understand substance use in your practice, and implement practice improvements where you see fit.

We invite you to download a handout with step-by-step instructions for how to use the application to specifically investigate substance use in your practice.

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