What exactly is HDC?

Using the learnings curated by the PDC and AMCARE over 5+ years, the HDC is working with BC physicians to create an open source health data-sharing platform that is flexible and accessible, and provides HDC users with access to a robust source of medical care data that protects patient and provider identity, and ensures that physicians control the data sharing.

Where are you now in terms of your roadmap?

We are right on track. We have been working hard on multiple fronts to amalgamate the PDC and AMCARE legacy toolsets into a robust, extensible, and flexible solution. We have also established the governance, leadership, organization and operational frameworks needed to make HDC a truly viable entity.  The Health Data Coalition society has been created and incorporated with an appointed Interim Board, bylaws and operating structure. And we’ve begun our search for our first Executive Director.

What can I actually do right now?

We are working with both legacy testers and recruiting new BETA test participants. More and more divisions are signing on to help improve the new web application. But for most of you, the real work won’t begin until October. That’s when you will be asked to register, sign up, subscribe to various channels of indicators, view various report templates, and create shares and groups with peers.

What’s next?

We’re developing dashboards, additional endpoints, additional web application features, all to be delivered in the next 2-4 months.

When will it be ready?

Our BETA test is planned for August, and our first official launch of HDC 1.0 is in October for Oscar, Osler and MOIS users. Intrahealth users will likely come on line in late  2016 and early 2017.

What’s it going to cost me?

There is no cost at this point as startup and BETA costs are covered by GPSC.

Thank you for your time and interest and stay tuned for more detailed updates either directly from HDC or from your division.