Version 2.33 of HDC Discover was rolled out to production on September 12th. Please do not hesitate to contact our support email should you have any questions or comments about any of these changes.


  • Sharing Invite Improvements
    • To enhance clarity regarding the two security levels known as ‘Context Dependent’ and ‘Population’ and to prevent any potential confusion, we have refined their descriptions as follows:
      • Context Dependent: Measures are labeled as ‘Context Dependent’ when they represent a clinical decision made by the physician or health provider, or a decision shared between the physician and the patient.
      • Population: Measures are categorized as “Population” when they relate to interventions for the entire population and have strong evidence for a consistent approach across that population.
    • We have expanded the character limit of the Message box to accommodate up to 2000 characters.
    • Additionally, we’ve implemented further validation in the sharing invite feature. Users are now unable to confirm an invite unless they have selected at least one of the three categories to accept or decline the share. Furthermore, we have enhanced error messages to improve the overall user experience.


  • Groups Invite Improvements
    • We have updated the message body for the group invite feature to provide greater transparency. The text now explicitly states that groups may include non-practitioners such as administrators and/or coaches. For medical practitioners, their data will be included in the group, where applicable.
    • Going forward, users can include apostrophes when creating a group. However, an error message will appear if any other special characters are used in the group name.


  • Email Improvements
    • We have updated the activation email for division members to mention the ‘Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC)’ for improved clarity.