HDC Discover 2.11 Release Notes

These release notes contain supplemental information about Version 2.11 of HDC Discover. Please don’t hesitate to contact our support email support@hdcbc.ca should you have any questions or comments about any of these changes.

What’s new?

Version 2.11


HDC Discover is introducing two new measures for MOIS and OSCAR users in the 2.11 release. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in the patterns of practice, there were times that physicians needed to call their chronic patients in for disease management visits. Having accurate and up to date contact information of the patients seems crucial for a seamless communication and uninterrupted care. Therefore, we developed these two new measures:

  • Ratio Patients with Email Address Documented in EMR
  • Ratio Patients with Phone Number Documented in EMR

For Wolf and MedAccess

In release 2.11 we are introducing seven new measures to the users of Telus EMRs. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic changes and the importance of detection and giving special care to the vulnerable population, HDC developed three prevalence measures:

  • Frailty Prevalence
  • Alcohol Use Disorder Prevalence
  • Substance Use Disorder Prevalence

Also, we completed the diabetes related set of measures for these EMRs by adding four measures to the list:

  • Diabetes and LDL in Past 5 Years
  • Diabetes and BP Within 140/90 in Past Year
  • Diabetes and HbA1c in Past Six Months
  • Diabetes  in last 3 years age > 40

MedAccess users can also see the “Hemoglobin A1c ranges” measures in this release:

  • Diabetics with last HbA1c < 7
  • Diabetics with last HbA1c 7.1 – 8
  • Diabetics with last HbA1c 8.1 – 9
  • Diabetics with last HbA1c > 9

Additionally, three existing measures were added to the PSP Domain:

  • Proportion of All Active Patients Who Have Been Seen in Last 3 Years
  • Patients with Coded Health Conditions – Seen in Last 3 Years & Active
  • Patients with Coded Health Conditions – Seen in Last Year & Active