10 Mar

HDC Discover Version 2.27 Release Notes

2023-03-10T15:10:31-08:00March 10, 2023|News, Release Notes|

What’s New ? Group Notification Email notifications have been created for the following scenarios: When a HDC Discover user has been invited to join a member group When an HDC Discover organization has been invited to join an organization group. In such cases, the Clinic Admin for that organization will receive the email notification. Also, the HDC user will have [...]

7 Mar

Build Your Favourites

2023-03-07T10:10:57-08:00March 7, 2023|Tips & Tricks|

The ‘My Favourites’ feature in HDC Discover application allows you to select a few key measures of interest, so you can focus your attention on specific measures and access them quickly.   When you log into the application, you are immediately presented with the QI Panel, ‘My Favourites’ domain. To see your measures of interest under ‘My Favorites’ domain, proceed [...]

6 Mar

MD’s Corner: Please give me back some time!

2023-03-06T17:31:44-08:00March 6, 2023|MD's Corner, News|

By Dr. Oona Hayes How can we use data to change the way certain services are delivered?  Whether it's an office schedule where the next available appointment is a few weeks out or filling out insurance forms late at night, I know the clinicians reading this all experience time pressures in our practices. A common complaint from patients is that [...]

13 Feb

MD’s Corner: The life-changing magic of tidying up…your EMR coding

2023-02-13T13:54:58-08:00February 13, 2023|MD's Corner, News|

By Dr. Cole Stanley Turning diagnostic coding from a necessary evil into a vital practice tool I can think of few things that spark less joy in medicine than the task of choosing the proper diagnostic code(s). Too often I find myself on page 3+ of the search results, wading through the overly detailed and outdated nomenclature, still coming up [...]

8 Feb

Custom Groups

2023-02-08T15:28:50-08:00February 8, 2023|Tips & Tricks|

Custom Groups  HDC Discover users can create a new data source based on a group of individual physicians or nurse practitioners or a group of clinics. This could be a group of physicians offering palliative care or maternity care or a group of clinics co-located in the same community or simply a group of colleagues who want to reflect on [...]

24 Jan

HDC Discover Version 2.26 Release Notes

2023-01-24T10:05:04-08:00January 24, 2023|News, Release Notes|

 What’s New?  The following measures are now available for MedAccess and Profile EMRs. As part of improving our descriptions of measures, the names of the measures have been updated to better describe the measure. New Summary Antibiotic prescribed in the past year Clindamycin prescribed in the past year Azithromycin prescribed in the past year Ampicillin prescribed in the past year [...]

16 Jan

HDC Bright Spots

2023-01-16T14:11:02-08:00January 16, 2023|Brights Spots, News|

The joy of showing your team the results of their efforts As Medical Directors for HDC, Dr. Oona Hayes and I (Dr. Cole Stanley) have been keen to speak with our family physician peers across the province to hear how others have been working to improve care for their patients and using HDC Discover to track progress. For our first [...]

12 Jan

Sending and Accepting Share Requests

2023-01-17T10:38:58-08:00January 12, 2023|Tips & Tricks|

Sending Sharing Requests Sharing Requests have been developed so physicians can meet in small groups and work collaboratively on quality improvement projects. Each accepted Share Request allows you to view your colleagues aggregate data in line with yours. This adds value to small group learning sessions by enabling a group of physicians or other providers to discuss patterns of practice, [...]

11 Jan

MD’s Corner: Happy New Year!

2023-01-11T10:40:51-08:00January 11, 2023|MD's Corner, News|

By Dr. Oona Hayes My resolution, as one of the medical directors of the Health Data Coalition, is to connect with colleagues who are using and contributing their practice data to HDC Discover. What are the issues in your practices? What is working well and what is challenging?   This year brings hope in the choice of a new payment model [...]

9 Dec

HDC Discover Version 2.25 Release Notes

2022-12-09T12:58:06-08:00December 9, 2022|News, Release Notes|

 What’s New?  CHSA and postal code lookups  A new field has been introduced under the Organization settings page called Community Health Service Area (CHSA). CHSAs are a defined geographical area underneath Local Health Authority (LHA) in geographical hierarchy.  This field will replace Community as the basis for mapping to Local Health Authority (LHA), Health Service Delivery Area (HSDA), Health Authority [...]