Governance and Membership of the
Health Data Coalition

The Health Data Coalition (HDC) enacted a new governance structure in June 2018, and each Division of Family Practice in BC, the Society of Specialists,  and the Specialist Services’ Committee were invited to appoint a physician as their proxy to represent their member organization at the Annual General Meeting.

This membership provides Divisions and Specialist organizations with a seat at the table to elect the Board of Directors, vote on key issues, and inform the future development and usage of HDC data.

HDC & Divisions of Family Practice: An Ongoing Partnership

Divisions of Family Practice have played a key role in the evolution of the HDC

  • From 2011 to 2014, twenty-five Divisions of Family Practice across BC invested a portion of their infrastructure budget in the Physician Data Collaborative (PDC) to create a trusted source of data to inform quality improvement in primary care.
  • In April 2016, the PDC merged with AMCARE to establish the HDC as a province-wide solution.
  • Thanks to the sponsorship of the Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC), this membership is provided at no cost to Divisions.
  • The HDC and the PSP are taking a coordinated approach to HDC enrolment so that this data will enhance and inform coaching, mentoring, and professional development programs.
  • The FPSC’s continued support enabled expansion of the platform to include TELUS and Intrahealth EMRs.
  • Physicians can contribute, view, share and compare approximately 250 relevant clinical measures with colleagues in their own clinic, Division, Health Authority and throughout the province. The HDC is working closely with the Practice Support Program (PSP) to support use of the data in coaching and peer mentoring programs, as well as in UBC Continuing Professional Development modules.

A Value to your Division of Family Practice

  • In Divisions of Family Practice, physicians can choose to share their aggregate data to inform system planning, quality improvement and community health programs and enable your Division to identify unique features, trends, opportunities and threats to building a stronger and healthier community.
  • Access evidence-based data that demonstrates the impact of new healthcare initiatives and resource funding.
  • Future system reports will reveal profiles of clinic composition and physician demographics.
  • HDC enables physicians to measure their current state and progress in practice change, alongside colleagues and against evidence-based metrics that result in better patient outcomes.
  • Contribute to regional projects and programs where HDC Discover can add value.

Appointing Your Representative Member

  • Each year, Divisions of Family Practice and Specialist organizations will be contacted to appoint a proxy or “Member Representative” to participate in the HDC’s Annual General Meeting.
  • Questions? Please contact us for more information.