Governance and Membership

The Health Data Coalition (HDC) is a grassroots not-for-profit organization founded by BC’s family physicians for use by and for primary-care team members.

HDC’s Member organizations include thirty-five Divisions of Family Practice and Specialist Organizations from around BC. These Members elect the HDC’s Board of Directors. The Board is accountable its Members and has a fiduciary duty to the organization.

HDC is accountable to its main funder, the Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC), and provides it with regular updates on the organization’s progress toward key milestones, its risk management and its use of funds.

Annual General Meeting

As a federally incorporated not for profit organization, the Health Data Coalition holds its Annual General Meeting of Members each year to elect directors. The Notice of Meeting is sent to the Members in advance of the meeting.

In advance of each AGM, a list of Director vacancies will be posted in our What’s New section.

Data Stewardship

The HDC’s data-sharing agreements with participating clinicians specify that data will be used to support practice improvement by primary-care practitioners as well as to inform quality improvement across the system.

The HDC Board’s Clinical Data Stewardship Committee recommends the measures that are incorporated into the data-sharing application, the context of the information reported and who is authorized to view the aggregated HDC data.

HDC has a full suite of policies in place to explain the permitted use of data and the limits of such use. Some of these limits are technical while others are ethical. HDC data use is strictly monitored according to Privacy by Design certification standards.

Learn more about HDC Privacy & Data Stewardship

An engaged community is making it happen.

HDC’s Strategic Plan is intended to spark continued dialogue with stakeholders and key partners, especially the FPSC, new Member organizations, and team-care data contributors. Together, they are working to improve patient outcomes, primary-care practitioner experiences and the cost-effectiveness of health care delivery.

HDC’s value is determined by the level of engagement of its clinician contributors. The potential is huge for HDC to be as successful as you, our contributors, choose to make it.