HDC Discover’s domains represent distinct groups of measures within the application. These domains can be easily accessed by navigating to the QI Panel and locating the square buttons at the top of the page.

They are neatly categorized into three sections: “My Favourites,” which serves as a repository for your preferred measures; “Measure Domains,” where you can access diverse measures associated with various clinical and program data; and “Population Pyramid,” which aids in comprehending your patient demographics. Each of these categories serves a specific purpose in helping users efficiently manage and understand their healthcare data.

Let’s learn more about these domains:

  • My Favourites: Within this domain, you will discover the measures that you have personally designated as your favorites, providing swift and convenient access. For instance, if you have a particular interest in measures pertaining to Diabetes and would rather not go through the hassle of locating them each time you log in, you can simply include them in the “My Favorites” domain for easier accessibility. To gain a better understanding of how to curate your list of favorites, we invite you to explore our Build Your Favourites.

  • Measure Domains: Think of these as quick links to distinct sets of clinical and program-related measurements. For instance, if you click on the “Disease Prevalence” domain, you’ll find a list of measurements that tell you how common various health conditions are in your practice’s patient population. These measures rely on your EMR data coding standards like ICD9, ICD10, or SNOMED CT. For detailed measure definitions, see our Deeper Dive into Measure Definitions. article. In domains with many measures, a secondary menu organizes them for easy access. For instance, in the “Disease Prevalence” domain, measures are grouped by health conditions as shown below:

  • My Population Pyramid: The population pyramid provides a summary of demographic data for your patient population. It shows the age and gender distribution of your patients and how often they visit. You can use it to see data for your own organization or compare to other populations. For more details on viewing your patients’ average encounters, please refer to our article View Average Encounters via Population Pyramid.

To summarize, HDC Discover’s domains are like organized folders for measures. “My Favourites” is where you keep your favorite measurements, the Population Pyramid helps you understand your patient demographics, and the Measure Domains provide quick access to different types of measures related to clinical and program data. It’s all about making your healthcare data easy to access and understand.