Introduction to  Data source preferences in HDC Discover

In your HDC Discover account you can review different data levels. You can see your individual panel, clinic panel, your Division of Family practice aggregate, your Health Authority aggregate and many other options.  

To select your preferred data sources please log in to your HDC Discover  account.  

  1. Click the Set Data Source Preferences icon at the top right-hand corner of the application.  


2. The Default options are:  

  • Me – your individual panel
  • My organization – your clinic’s panel  
  • All clinics – province aggregate

3. To select preferable data sets you need to select a group of the data source on the left-hand side of the table such as Division, LHA, HA etc. Then select a specific data source in the selected group.

4. Click the “Save for this organization” button in the bottom of the table.