Users can view the details of a measures to better understand the measure purpose, definition and codes used.  

To get started:

  1. Select the domain under QI Panel which contains the measure of your interest.
    Domain, which is the term used to describe a group of measures available in the HDC Discover application. The square buttons across the top of the QI Panel are ‘Domains” and short-cuts to your groups of clinical and program related measures. For example, by clicking on the “Disease Prevalence” button, you will get a list of measures that provide the prevalence of various health conditions for your own practice population. A list of prevalence measures will be shown on the screen. 
  2. Click on the measure name to open a new screen containing additional details about the measure.
    These numbers are calculated based on the data coded in your EMR. Depending on the EMR you use, the data may come from a variety of sources such as ICD9, 10 or SNOMED CT codes, patients included in your EMR disease registries, or from the problem lists documented within your EMR. 
  3. Navigate to the Notes section of this new screen which shows all the associated SNOMED CT codes for the related measure.

Under the new screen, you can also view other detailed information about the measure such as –  

  • Description of the measure. 
  • List of EMR’s which supports the measure. 
  • Associated Domain and Security Level. 
  • Detailed patient selection criteria (e.g., how active patients are defined for the numerator and denominator for this); and 
  • ICD and SNOMED codes that may be included or excluded from a measure’s calculation. 

 What else would you like to see in this measure metadata? 

Note: This metadata is continuously updated by the Clinical Data Stewardship Committee and will become more complete over time.