Custom Groups 

HDC Discover users can create a new data source based on a group of individual physicians or nurse practitioners or a group of clinics. This could be a group of physicians offering palliative care or maternity care or a group of clinics co-located in the same community or simply a group of colleagues who want to reflect on their practices collectively. 

Setting up a group allows you to compare the aggregate data for the group, enabling members of the group to discuss patterns of practice using their own data, as well as the group’s data to inform the conversation. 

Making a group does not automatically share data amongst members of the group.  Groups and Sharing are two separate functions. 

  1. To access the groups feature, select the “Groups” tab in the navigation menu located on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Select the type of group you are creating – individual groups (Member tab) or clinic level groups (Organization tab) and click Create Group, giving it a name and description.

  3. As the administrator of the group, you can invite members to join your group.  This screen tracks those members or organizations you’ve invited and their status within the group.
  4. As each member accepts your invitation to join the group, their aggregate data is added to the group aggregate.  Select your group as a data source via the data source preferences feature and compare your own individual data to the group data.